Professor Workstation and Zoom S.O.P

  1. Power on PC if not already running.
  2. Log into CSUP domain using professor account (i.e. prof.hsb108) and password (P*******@)
  3. Press “Lecturn PC” on Extron touch panel.
  4. Ensure that “Video Mute” is not selected on touch panel and that volume controls aren’t all the way down.

For Zoom meetings via Blackboard:

  1. If accessing Zoom via Blackboard, login to Blackboard and find the Zoom class meeting.
  2. Click on “Zoom” on the left panel.

Find the Zoom meeting for the particular class.

Click Start.

For Zoom meetings using a browser:

  1. If accessing Zoom via browser, got to

2. Sign into Zoom using your CSUP email address.

3. Select “Meetings” on the sidebar.

4. Select “Upcoming Meetings” from the drop down.

5. Choose your meeting and click “Start.”

6. You will be prompted to either open or download the Zoom application.

7. Click on file if prompted to download, then click “Keep” when receiving notification.

8. Click “Run” when asked “Do you want to run this file?”

9. Once installed, click “Open Zoom Meetings” and your meeting will start.

For Zoom meetings using the Zoom app:

  1. If accessing Zoom via the Zoom app, find Zoom in the start menu.

2. Click on Zoom app icon.

3. Sign into your Zoom account using your CSUP email address.

4. Click “Meetings” at the top.

5. Select the desired meeting and click “Start.”

Once your Zoom meeting has started:

  1. You will be prompted to test audio. Do not skip this step. Click “Test Speaker and Microphone”

2. Do you hear a ringtone? If yes, click “Yes,” if no, select “No, Try Another Speaker.”

3. If none of the selected speakers produce audio, call Help Desk at 2002

4. Test the microphone. Speak and pause until you hear a replay of your voice.

5. Click “Yes” if you can hear audio. If you can’t hear audio, click “No, Try Another Microphone.”

6. If none of the microphones produces audio, call Help Desk at 2002

7. Once audio is successfully tested, click “End Test.” Click “Join With Computer Audio.”

8. For most rooms, select “FHD Camera” for microphone audio. Do NOT select “Lumens Doc Camera,” as your audio will be degraded.

9. Some rooms have ceiling microphones. In that case, select “Extron Scaler.”

10. Make sure the correct camera is selected under “Video Settings”